Books for Children

Books for preschoolers, with vibrant pictures and captivating stories in rhyme. Will appeal to beginner readers, encouraging them to read.

Do You See Me,

Bumble Bee?

Are you afraid of bees? Don't be please! They have a special job to do and if you don't bother them, they will not hurt you! A story of a little girl afraid of bees. Should she be? Read and find out if she still is!


Grandpa and Grandma went overseas! Dear me, wherever could that be? Did they really have to go all that way for a holiday?

Bee, My Friend

Count With Me

Down at the river on a long brown log, quietly sat Big Green Frog with his very best friend Bee upon his knee. There under the bright yellow sun they counted together and had such fun!

Julia Jane At School

There is a little girl who loves to twirl and swirl, play all day and in the rain dash and splash! At last it has stopped raining, the sun is brightly shining and Julia Jane is off to school with new shoes on, she is looking so cool! She then gets in a muddle after stepping into a puddle but very soon, Julia Cornelia Jane is having such fun once again!

Autumn Days

Summer is gone, it has sung it's song, but the fun is not done, as a new season has begun! The wind ruffles our hair as the change in the air makes a call "It is now the season called Autumn or Fall!"

Julia Jane In The Rain

There is a little girl who loves to twirl and swirl, giggle and laugh, prance and dance, play all day and dash and splash in the rain over and over again. At the end of the day, after all the fun and games, Julia Cornelia Jane learns not to fear and that to listen to her mum is actually quite a good idea!

Say What?

Do What?

A fun rhyming story about what we all love to say and do. Perfect for learning sounds of some animals and what they do as well as creating conversations regarding the hobbies and talents of family members. Encourages language stimulation.

Have You Heard,

Have You Seen?

What have you seen or heard, true or absurd, that makes you wriggle with a giggle? This story is great to use for discussing the senses of sight and sound in a fun way using normal and abnormal examples.

Bee, My Friend

Big Frog is rather frightened and intimidated by the presence of Little Bee who Big Frog thinks wants to sting him. Little Bee has to convince Frog that he has nothing to fear, as all he wants is to be his friend, a friend so dear!

Sunny Day

The day was beautifully sunny and playing outside looked very inviting but suddenly the sun was gone and in it's place were big dark clouds! What shall we do now? This story is perfect for encouraging imagination, options and discussions on making the best of a situation. Having a positive attitude with new ideas is all that is needed to brighten up the day!