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Who does not love a new pair of shoes? I think it is quite safe to say that we all do! Little ones however seem to take that love to another level as they always seem to be quite over the moon when they have new shoes on!


Are your kids like that as well?


In my eBook "Julia Jane At School", Julia Cornelia Jane is also so excited about having her very new shoes on at school. Read what happens when she steps into a puddle! Does she get into a muddle?


Download "Julia Jane At School" free for a limited time only.

Free Activities

Inspired by my newest book "Hippo and Croc", you can get two new activity pages here.

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What have you seen or heard, true or absurd, that makes you wriggle with a giggle?


Great for discussing the senses of sight and sound in a fun and humorous way, using normal and abnormal examples.


Download "Have you Heard, Have You Seen?" free for a limited time only.

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Some time ago I went on an overseas holiday to England. My then three year old grandchild was quite perplexed as to what "overseas" meant and why was I going there for a holiday. It was those questions that inspired me to write "Holiday!?".


Enjoy this cute, funny, rhyming story suitable for beginner readers.


Download "Holiday!?" free for a limited time only.


Happy reading!

Happy New Year Everyone!

With the new year comes a new book by me, called Hippo and Croc. It is perfect for beginner readers.


Along the banks of the river Nile, Tim the Croc is lazing about and catching up on a tan when along comes Jo the Hippo. Poor old Croc is repeatedly bothered by Jo, who although just wanting some fun persists in trying to get Tim's attention.


This story of fun rivalry gives the adult reader and opportunity to discuss with little one's the pro's and con's of that. While having fun, real friendship is appreciating and accepting each other and being content with one another.


Enjoy the book and do let me know what you think.


Happy reading and all the best for 2017.